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  Located at the 2nd floor, the operating room complex is composed of 4 rooms for major operations, a recovery room with 6-bed capacity, minor operation room, and labor/delivery rooms. The complex caters to all types of surgical cases from the most routine to intricate procedures.

Cosmetic Surgery - Perfection of beauty is a dream to be pursued. In MVMC, you are in good hands to help you realize your choice of aesthetic enhancement. Managed by competent surgeons and equipped with technology, MVMC offers affordable packages for basic cosmetic surgeries. The center believes that individuals with strong inner desire for ideal beauty should be assisted with comprehensive approach that would eventually uplift their confidence. The program involves not only surgical procedures but also a support program through counseling by well trained dermatologists. Affordable packages are offered by the center for those who wish to enhance their physical attributes.

  Assisted by licensed medical technologists and supervised by well-trained pathologists, MVMC aims to develop sufficient facilities and equipment that would cater the laboratory requirements for diagnosis and prognosis. Basic and advanced laboratory tests are offered in all sections such as Hematology, Clinical dentistry, Clinical sociology and microbiology.  
  The department is equipped with non-invasive imaging technology devices for reliable diagnosis. Expectant mothers can avail the service of ultrasound which provides visualization of unborn babies. CT scan and X-Ray machines are always available for diagnostic requests of both admitted and out-patients.  
  The center specializes in rehabilitation of neuro or musculoskeletal and other disorders. The team is composed of competent Rehabilitation Medicine Consultants and licensed physical and occupational therapists who guide exercises and other physical activities to aid in rehabilitation and maximize physical activities with less pain. Occupational therapists are always at hand to help maximize physical potential through the use of assistive devices and lifestyle adaptations.  
  The center envisions to provide ophthalmic specialties to patients with “sight saving” needs. Competent ophthalmologists with solid credentials are always available from simple refractive procedures to the most advanced endoscopic examinations and treatment of congenital cataracts and other diseases.  
  The center provides treatment modalities and follow-up care for patients with end-stage renal disease. Renal replacement therapy (dialysis) machines are available (through appointment) both for admitted and out-patients. Nephrologists and well-trained dialysis nurses manage the treatment process.  
  The clinic provides real understanding for the patients’ dental care. This clinic is equipped with proper machines and equipments. MVMC dental clinic and its dentists specialize in giving the patients’ best dental services.  
  In MVMC, our doctors do care for the children. Doctors and pediatricians, work together specializing in treating a child’s illness, medical evaluation, development and care for young people.  
  Caring for pregnant women, obstetricians and gynecologists in MVMC specializes in providing medical and surgical care, particularly in pregnancy, child birth, disorders of the female reproductive system.  
  MVMC’s emergency medicine focuses on diagnosis and treatment of acute illnesses and injuries that require immediate medical attention. The ER is managed by Emergency Medicine Consultants who are more than competent to treat emergency calls.  
  The Department of Medicine is manned by competent and caring medical specialists who hold their regular clinics at the Out Patient Department. These specialists includes General Internists, Cardiologists, Pulmonologists, Nuerologists, Diabetologists, Nephrologists, Allegologists, Hematologists & Oncologists, Gastroenterologists, Infectious Disease Specialists and Rheumatologists.

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Sumulong Highway corner Aguinaldo St., 1800 Marikina City, Philippines
Telephone No.: 682 22 22 connecting all departments  645-MVMC (Emergency Room)    Telefax No.: 682 33 99

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